A big THANK YOU to you all for your overwhelming response to NCQC 2017, Mysuru. It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you all to the NCQC 2017. We believe we have chosen a venue that guarantees a successful convention amid the culture and beauty of Mysuru.

In addition to the information available on this convention website, we have compiled few practical tips in order to facilitate your preparations for NCQC 2017.

Weather Report:
As per the weather report for Mysuru on the convention dates, we are expecting periods of sun, clouds and showers on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December. so please come prepared.

Hall Tickets:
Hall ticket copies are available on your QCFI account at http://qcfi.in/qcfihq. Login using your QCFI membership details, click on NCQC link to proceed to NCQC Dashboard where you can Download by clicking on the print icon. If you make any changes to the team members, photos, names you should download again to check whether the changes are reflected on the Hall Ticket and take a fresh print out to be brought to the NCQC venue and used for Registration and other entry passes allotted to you.

Note* Always carry a latest copy of your Hall Tickets, please remember to bring the latest copy of the Hall ticket if you made any changes or requested support team for any changes on your team. Old copies remain invalid after the changes. Do not forget to bring the hard copy of the Hall Ticket to the Venue, Print out can also be taken at the registration counter for Rs 100 per print out.

Registration Process at the Venue:

  • Please bring the latest printed copy of the Hall ticket and submit your pre filled registration slip to complete the registration process at the venue.
  • Registrations at the venue starts from 30th November 14:00 Hrs – 17:00 Hrs , 1st December 8:30 Hrs to 10:00 Hrs, 14:30 to 15:30 Hrs

Gift Coupons:

  • Gift coupons can be collected at the registration counter after validating your Hall Ticket with ID Card (Company ID Card or Govt allotted ID Cards and proceed to the gift counter and submit your gift coupons and collect your gifts. Note* Please check the directions to reach to the Gift Counter.

Oral Presentations (2nd & 3rd December):

  • Oral presenters will have 15 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes of question and answer.
  • We request all the presenting teams to carry soft copy of the PPT as a backup with them and bring it to the Presentation Hall.
  • Computer Assisted Projection will be made available in each hall.
  • Teams can bring there own laptops for presentations.
  • Check your Hall Ticket timings: Note the day and time of your oral session presentation.
  • Computers onsite will be PC´s. Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

Model Presentations (1st & 2nd December):

  • All the teams who have selected Model Presentations, please check your Hall Tickets and note the day and time of your Model Presentations Slots.
  • You will be made available a Stall for presenting Model Presentations.

Kaizen Display Competitions (3rd December):

  • All the Kaizen Display Competitions are slated to be on 3rd December, 2017
  • Check your Hall Ticket timings: Note the day and time of your Kaizen Display Competitions
  • Each team will be made available a stall to present Kaizen Displays
  • You could present the Kaizen Dispaly using Posters, Banners or on your own Laptops.

Home Kaizen/5S(1st & 2nd December):

  • All the teams who have selected Home Kaizen/5S, please check your Hall Tickets and note the day and time of your Presentation Slots.
  • Each team will be made available a stall to present Home Kaizen/5S
  • You could present the Home Kaizen/5S using Posters and Banners.

Sapling (tree) Plantation (1st December):

We want to appreciate all the teams who have chosen to participate in the Tree plantation drive at the Convention venue. Please bring your Acknowledgement slip in your Hall Ticket. Sapling of plants will be held on 1st December 13:00 Hrs to 13:30 Hrs.

Knowledge Test (2nd December):

  • Knowledge Test is compulsory for all streams (QC, LQC, Allied Kaizen/5S etc.,) All the teams should bring the Knowledge Test Entry Pass/Acknowledgement Slips to KT Venue.
  • Check your Hall Ticket timings: Note the day and time of your Knowledge Slots on 2nd December, 2017
  • Every batch of Knowledge Test will be given a refresher program on quality concepts through a video presentation near the knowledge test venue.
  • Each individual should be given a question paper along with OMR sheet for answering multiple choice questions. Instructions will be clearly read out by announcer on how to fill the OMR Sheet.
  • There is no Knowledge Test for Home Kaizen/Home 5S and Kaizen Display Teams.

Industrial Visit (4th December – 9:00 Hrs – 16:00 Hrs):

Dress Code:

  • Male visitors should come in formals / institute uniform along with shoes
  • Female visitors should come in salwar kamez / formals / institute uniform along with shoes (Aprons will be provided by company for female/s – TVS Motors)

Safety Guidelines:

  • Be attentive & follow safety signs and instructions displayed in the premises
  • Maintain discipline in the company premises
  • Walk in the gangways / pavements / zebra crossing and stay in the group
  • Don’t spit & don’t litter in the plant area
  • Keep away from machineries, equipments, parts and switches in the plant
  • In case of any emergency, follow the instructions of co-ordinator or proceed to the nearest safe assembly point. (call 1001 intercom – TVS Motors)

Security Instructions:

  • Please collect the Visitors pass from Security Reception and wear the same during the visit
  • Videography, Photography and Smoking inside the company prohibited
  • You are not allowed to carry mobile phone / laptop / USB drive / CD or any such gadgets inside the company premises
  • Personal belongings like bags, sun glasses, eatables, etc., are not allowed inside the company premises
  • Please don’t carry any of the company documents outside, if any
  • Please return the Visitors pass to the Security Reception after the visit

Award Distribution:

Your seating row and time is clearly mentioned on your Hall Ticket, Once your Team name and award is announced, you are requested to show your acknowledgement slip to collect your certificate and proceed to the stage for the Photo opportunity with officials. Collect your momento/trophy at the gift counter by showing your certificate.

Food Slots: 

Please follow your food slot timings printed on your food coupons.
If you need extra food coupons, you could purchase them at Registration Counter at the venue.

Complete NCQC 2017 Schedule:

Please view the Program at a glance  to know dates and timings on various activities at NCQC 2017.

Direction Map & Distances:

Note* Please follow the maps, directional instructions at the venue to reach the Registration Counter,  Presentations Halls, Model Presentation/ Home Kaizen/5S / Kaizen Display Stalls, Knowledge Test venue, Quiz venue, Main Pandal, Food Courts etc.,